The Low Town

Let yourself be pleasantly seduced by the indefinable ambience of the exceptional light, by the charm of the boats and by the white stone buildings that line the harbour. There is nothing spectacular, but everything here exudes a feeling of balance and tranquillity.



Its location near the cliffs and the marshes offers a superb view of the navigable tidal channel leading out to the Gironde approximately 1 km away. The buildings alongside the marina, the flour mill in particular, are a reminder of the historic nature of the port.

The marina can accommodate pleasure craft of 5 to 10 metres (water depth is an average of 3 metres – 2.3 metres minimum). It has 200 moorings on pontoons, including 20 for visitors.


Information: telephone Bureau du Port (Port Office) on 05-46-90-63-15



Fishing boats are moored in the navigable channel (dredged to a depth of 2.5 metres). This outer harbour is home to 14 commercial fishermen whose boats are not always at Mortagne. These fishermen move their mooring places up or down the estuary according to the time of the season in order to optimise their catches.

Most of the fishing is for elvers. These elvers (glass eels or eel fry) are hatched in the Sargasso Sea a part of the Atlantic near the Antilles and the Caribbean. They feed upon plankton.




The elvers are carried on an ocean current from the Sargasso towards Europe where they arrive three years later. They swim into the mouths of rivers to settle in fresh water. They then become carnivorous, growing larger and larger over ten years before returning to the Sargasso. Six months after their departure the eels will die, the females having laid thousands of eggs.





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