The camargue of Mortagne (The marais, the marsh)

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The marshes begin just beyond the foot of the cliffs and stretch out to the shore of the Gironde. The construction of a dyke created a series of polders which are crisscrossed by a network of ditches, irrigation channels and drainage channels.

Beyond the salt marshes the water meadows have now been drained and there are fields of cereals and grazing areas for cows and sheep. These fields used to be common land. In former times the cows and sheep were often taken to the shores of the Médoc in barges to graze.

Today this area is called the Grande Roselière (named after a large variety of bulrush). Here you can often find species of rare and remarkable plants. You can also often spot a variety of interesting native and migratory birds including storks, cranes, ibis, herons and egrets. This is a conservation area and thus provides a natural, free-range breeding ground where the animals and birds can live peacefully side by side with each other.


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